Criminal Justice

Criminal justice reform is center stage of a struggling democracy and systemic racism. It is time to increase authentic dialogue that supports and leads to collective and collaborative sustainable action.

In Celebration of Black History Month…

Criminal Justice Reform

A Historical View of American Policing

Matter of Race: Lessons Learned or Repeated

Drema Hymon, Ph.D.

An online course designed to identify historical patterns and impressions of systemic racism and policing in the United States. What have we learned?

  • Do you want to understand more about systemic racism?

  • How can you use your position and influence to make positive difference?

  • Is it just black and white, no gray area? We all need democratic policing!

  • Are there any good cops? Yes!

Law enforcement, clergy, community leaders, activists, parents, academia, parents, city administrators, DEI professionals and anyone interested in challenging myths and discussing possibilities, complete the contact form for more information.