Joseph Dunham



To obtain a computer or a support position utilizing my technology skills and experience.

Employment History:

Google One Tier 2 Specialist 5/2018 - 7/2024 TELUS International, Las Vegas, NV

* Performing technical support on all devices for Google product issues and Tier 2 level troubleshooting.
* Demonstrating strong analytical, problem solving, advanced troubleshooting skills for issue resolutions.
* Achieved consistently high ranking in monthly metrics for satisfaction, resolution and quality assurance.
* Collaborating with fellow employees in a positive manner and sharing knowledge clearly and efficiently.
* Technical support in Google One, Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, AI Gemini, VPN, other products.
* Responsible for travel, agenda and training of foreign Google One Tier 2 agents with new support team. 

Google Fi Technical Agent  8/2016 - 5/2018 TELUS International, Las Vegas, NV

* Utilizing multitasking skills in handling high call volumes, following given procedures and in documenting.
* Communicating technical issues in non-technical terms while maintaining strong customer connections.
* Learning with wireless telecommunication industry, mobile device knowledge, and with service changes.
* Maintaining composure and patience in the face of difficult customer interactions with complex problems.
* Fostered teamwork, taking ownership, clear customer focus, open communication, process improvement. 

Google Wallet Support Agent 7/2014 - 8/2016 TELUS International, Las Vegas, NV

* Demonstrating problem solving ability to efficiently and accurately address all customer support inquiries.
* Responsible for troubleshooting technical issues, utilizing critical thinking and offering relevant solutions.
* Recognized multiple times for exceeding corporate targets and in high customer satisfaction percentages.
* Achieved both high survey transfer and resolution rates, having over 100 perfect quality assurance audits.
* Exhibiting strong interpersonal skills in interactions with composure and patience under difficult situations.
* Complying on all confidentiality, schedule adherence, ethical, PCI and Google corporate policy standards.
* Adapted to procedural changes and developed competencies, finished iAspire manager training program. 

Help Desk & Loan Officer   1/2010 - 12/2013 Advanced Business Services, Las Vegas, NV

* Handled soft phone software installations with troubleshooting, requirements for Silverlight iLoan software.
* Managed repair, configuration and setup of call center computers. Trained new workers under procedures.
* Assisted on system configuration, used various industry software packages. Did supervisor de-escalations.
* CSR responsibilities included warm calls, customer service, data entry, loan applicant qualification details.
* Handled incoming and outgoing calls, meeting quality control, solving customer issues, and on collections. 

Sales & Help Desk Agent     11/2008 - 1/2010, Las Vegas, NV

* Duties included cold calls, soliciting sales via phone, utilizing excellent etiquette, contractor jobs knowledge.
* Handling credit transactions accurately, responsible for lead tracking software, and finding contractor needs. 

Research Surveyor 8/2008 - 11/2008 TPL Services, Las Vegas, NV

* High volume call center research surveyor responsible for clear communication to the public with surveys.
* Followed detailed procedures in call script survey process. Perform accurate recording for related results. 

Timeshare Sales 12/2007 - 7/2008 Celebrity Resorts, Orlando, FL

* Duties included cold calls, soliciting sales via phone, utilizing excellent etiquette, contractor jobs knowledge.
* Handling credit transactions accurately, responsible for lead tracking software, and finding contractor needs. 

Computer Consultant 5/2000 - 11/2007              Technology Tasks Consulting, Orlando, FL

* Manage computer support and consulting services with a variety of clients, both companies and individuals.
* Troubleshooting to resolve computer issues in person or phone. Self-employed, incorporated in Orlando, FL.
* Oracle job included sole responsibility for site installation and patching with Oracle Applications 11i (11.5.1).
* Oracle implementation on NT with consumer finance, with General Ledger, Oracle Payables and Cash Man. 

Oracle DB Administrator 1/1998 - 5/2000 Disney Cruise Line, Kissimmee, FL

* Primary responsibility for administration of 14 production, 26 development Oracle shore or ship databases.
* Duties under installs, upgrades, configuration, auditing, hot/cold backups, recovery, monitoring and tuning.
* Administrator of heavy transaction, large, 350 user reservation HP/UX database with V2500 SMP platform.
* Real-time updating of remote Air ticketing database by use of database links, two phase commit & PL/SQL.
* Used remote DB RPC calls. PeopleSoft Oracle database administration backups, all DBA duties assigned.
* Setup & administration on all Oracle NT shipboard databases, failover of tri-clustered NCR ship equipment.
* Worked from design through implementation of reporting on data warehouse ODS (operational data store).
* 533 snapshots replicated against several OLTP feeds. Migration utility database upgrades for NT, HP/UX. 

Oracle DBA & Help Desk 5/1996 - 1/1998 Distributed Proc Technology, Maitland, FL

* Installation, maintenance, and upgrades of NT Oracle7 Database Server, SQL*Net, and with Web Server.
* Solid development experience using Designer/2000 creation of logical/physical normalized data modeling.
* Developer/2000 for Forms 4.5 PL/SQL programming. Feasibility, requirements with legacy data migration. 

Oracle DB Support Analyst 2/1996 - 5/1996 Oracle Corporation, Orlando, FL

* High-end troubleshooting including the handling of production down Oracle situations with Novell NetWare.
* Trained under phone support environment. Received Oracle Corporation database under NetWare training.
* Setup Oracle with NetWare mock configurations for resolving various issues encountered under customers.
* Oracle installation, exporting, importing and database replication. Experienced handling Oracle bug issues. 

Assistant Oracle DB Admin 11/1994 - 2/1996 Orange County Tech Division, Orlando, FL

* Performed Oracle7 installation & management on IBM AIX (RS/6000), DEC VAX/VMS, NT and in NetWare.
* Oracle administration for fifty Ultrix workstations running DB instances. Management of 600 user accounts.
* Oracle administrator on five VAX/VMS systems in clustered configurations with 24x7 up-time environment.
* Management of 600 user accounts. Migration for Oracle databases from version 6.0.36 to version of 7.1.3.
* Distributed, SQL*Net management of data transparency through utilization of links, w/cascading synonyms.
* Configured multi-threaded server. Re-configuration, defragmentation, monitoring, with performance tuning. 

Oracle DB & Systems Admin 3/1989 - 11/1994 Orange County Elections, Orlando, FL

* System and Oracle administrator of two Data General high availability DG AViiON nodes at different sites.
* Nodes under DG/UX, three Sun SPARC nodes on Solaris, Data General MV/9500 minicomputer AOS/VS.
* Opsys & Oracle installs. Responsible for computer room operations and support staff team management.
* Responsible for disaster recovery and long-term hardware/software planning. Performed UNIX migrations.
* Management of SQL*Forms, SQL*Menu, SQL*ReportWriter. Performed Pro*C, PL/SQ, Unix script coding.
* SHL Vision GIS software installed on Oracle. FrameMaker design, creation of camera-ready voting ballots.
* Programmed a SOURCE to PRODUCTION control system using code checkout and return methodology. 


Courses and Achievements: 

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